Tree Service FAQs

At Mr. Amoto Lawn & Tree Service we pride ourselves on communication with our customers.  If you have questions not answered on this page please call or e-mail us today.


  • Do you do free estimates? Yes, within 10 miles of Lincoln. Beyond this radius there is a $25 trip charge. This will be taken off if you decide to accept the bid.


  • Can I set up an appointment for the estimate? To provide a more timely response we typically stop out without an appointment and provide an estimate on the services you requested. If you prefer to be there we would be happy to meet with you, but please understand it may take 7-10 days to get an open appointment slot. Our two ISA certified arborists do all of the estimates. We will take appointments Monday-Friday, 7am-5pm, and are willing to meet with you over the lunch hour. Please understand we will not take appointments on weekends or evenings as we spend this time with our families.


  • I have an estimate, how do I book the work? Please call or contact our office. A copy of the estimate will be on file there and the office personnel can give you an idea of the approximate wait period. They put you on the list and record any special request you may have. The arborists do all the scheduling. If you want to be notified when your work order is coming up, request this when you call in. The arborist will contact you at the appropriate time and set up a time that will work for everyone.


  • Why is the waiting list so long? Tree work is dangerous, and should only be done by trained professionals. To ensure the safety of our employees, you, and your property, we won't put untrained personnel in the field. Sometimes this commitment to quality reduces the employees we can have in the field and consequently increases wait time. We will work to accommodate any special request or hazardous situation. 


  • Is your company insured? Yes, in order to maintain the certifications we have and to work within the City of Lincoln it is required. Please contact our office if you would like details on the policy coverage.


  • Why does tree care cost so much? High insurance rates, specialized equipment, education, and employee compensation for hazardous work, all contribute to the cost.


  • Are you the cheapest? Probably not, but we are the best value. Because we are insured, educate and license our personnel, provide benefits, year round work for our employees, and maintain quality equipment, our costs may be higher than our competition. However we are confident you will see the value through our experienced professional staff.


  • When is the best time to trim trees? Most pruning can be done any time of year, although there are exceptions the arborist will explain if it pertains to your trees. Dormant season pruning provides the least amount of stress to the tree and is advised if the tree is stressed by certain diseases.


  • Can you tell what is dead in the winter? Yes, a skilled arborist can easily distinguish between dead and live limbs. In fact, dormant pruning allows the arborist to more easily examine the the tree for structural problems and identify potential problems without leaf cover.


  • Do you take the debris with you? Yes, we chip up the branches on site and haul away the larger wood. If you would like the mulch we will dump it on site free of charge. The work area will be raked and driveways, sidewalks, roof, gutters, & patio will be blown off and free of sawdust and debris.


  • What is involved with the stump grinding? Stumps will be ground 8-12 inches below grade unless otherwise noted. Specific depth varies according to grade, species, accessibility, etc. Price quoted is for grinding only. Grindings will be raked back into the hole. Chip removal and refill with black dirt is available for an additional charge usually equal to the grinding charge.

We recycle ...

We recycle ...

If you are interested in a load of mulch, please contact our office for availability. $125 per 10 cubic yard load. Price includes delivery in 5 mile radius of Lincoln We provide mulch free-of-charge to churches, schools, and non-profit organizations.


Will an arborist be working on my trees?

Yes. We have three certified arborists on staff. It is important to understand the difference between licensed and certified.

Licensed simply means you have the permit to work in a particular city. Certified means that you have practiced under a certified arborist for a period of time before you are able to apply for the exam. Our arborists are ISA certified meaning they have a minimum of three years of field experience, have passed an extensive exam pertaining to all eight domains of arboriculture and are required to maintain credentials through CEU.

If you would like a free estimate on any of our services please contact us. We look forward to helping you maximize the potential of your outdoor living space.